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We All Have Feelings!

By Editor Peter Davidson 
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe  the 3rd of January 2022


by Peter Davidson   


Photographers, on the whole, are a very under valued bunch. So when a little appreciation comes along, it goes a long way - it's a wonderful thing to receive, despite our usual pretence at being aloof from such trivialities.

My own biggest critics are my wife and two grown daughters. If I ever get them to so much as shrug and mumble "'s'ok I suppose", well, that's high praise. Get them glancing for longer than two seconds at any new shot I've slaved for days creating, well, that sends me into secret delirium. They consider my photography, if they consider it at all, as something that keeps me occupied and basically out of their hair. But I don't think they are being cruel, I just think that photography, (in the general public view and often even in the Art World) isn't valued that much. If at all.


Maybe photography is growing increasingly insular and of importance only to other photographers. I suspect that very few none photographers actually visit photo galleries on-line. Perhaps they briefly scroll past a hundred images in as many seconds using their phone if bored, but with Instagram and TikTok all moving towards video, where does that leave still photography to be seriously appreciated any more?


If that's the case, I'd like to thank here and now, all those brave souls on 1x who regularly visit, look and leave supportive comments on images 'Published' and not just on the 'Awarded'. Most importantly, these include all the Senior Critics of the site who arguably do more work for the site than anyone and with scant reward. They have feelings too. (Despite being critics. I mean, who doesn't hate a critic?) A critics job is not normally a happy one.


You see, "When I were a lad" at a rough Northern photographic collage way back in the late 60's of the last century, 'print crit' was a friendly but brutal deconstruction of your work. You took it on the chin, grew up or gave up. That would not work today of course, and I'm not suggesting a return to that harsh ethic. (Nevertheless, it had its merits! You had to give as good as you got...) But have we now gone too far in accommodating everyone's sensitivities? To the extent that everyone's opinion matters, when clearly it does not? Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but then people forget that not all opinions are equal. I don't critique anybody's work unless specifically requested, and then very reluctantly and with two pairs of kid gloves at arms length. Snowflakes are very delicate and I'm not. But am I then in fact, doing them a disservice? Playing safe so as not to offend, leading to a surfeit of  bland 'likes' - when a more critical review would, in the long term, be more beneficial to the photographer.


This is where the Senior Critics on 1x really excel. They have honed their technique of gentle but authoritative review, composing their critical appraisal towards the photographers standard of accomplishment without patronising or causing offence. Any one of them could easily get a job in politics! (and do a better job than most politicians...)


So let's put them in the spotlights today.


'Blown Away' by Head of the Senior Critics team: Mike Kreiten



'Bringing home the bacon' by Senior Critic Greg Barsh



'...095AC...' by  Senior Critic Johanes Januar



'Tears of Thriumphs' by Senior Critic Ali Khataw



'Gold Butte' by Senior Critic Steven T



'The inner corner' by Senior Critic Theo Luycx



'Boathouse' by Senior Critic Calin Hanchevici



'Aqua' by Senior Critic Mike Schaffner'



'I was a Fool to let Her go' by Daniel Springgay

The thing is, I'm not sure many aspiring photographers today welcome an honest review, (even if they say otherwise) feeding as they do on a seemingly inexhaustible supply of 'likes' from their social media followers. This aspect of social media is fundamentally unhealthy, tending perhaps to lead to a more general homogenisation of the creative motif, free of critical opinion.


This then is a real hidden value of 1x. An unsung value. Comments are generally good and photographers can at any time request and receive an in-depth review of their work if they choose. Click here ( to submit your image for critique.



My thanks to the critics and those members who regularly give supportive and valued feedback, I can't name or show them all, but for those few I've selected here, I hope people enjoy viewing (and commenting on) their Published or Awarded work. 


Happy holidays!


'Italian Graffiti' by Francesco Del Santo



'Sunrise lights' by Joan Mercader Illera



'Facade – Downtown Los Angeles California' by Arnon Orbach



'Leitz Park' by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp



'Splashing' by Kenneth Zeng



'ART line' by Erhard Batzdorf


'Driving at Limit' by Streiff Marcel



'41' by Luc Vangindertael (laGrange)



'The Chase' by Miguel Silva



'The magic of a misty shore' by Yvette Depaepe



Johanes Januar -- Crew SC ...@ Feels a little late to thank Peter and Yvette on this topic. I feel an "honor" that one of the photos that I made a few years ago " ...095AC..." was featured in this forum. One long time as my presence in the SC family/Crew 1x. ...@ I've been following the review that has been written by Peter, it's very touching for me to feel...feels true. We volunteer workers deal with many people who are only known through their photos and are asked for advice if they find something they need...this is not easy especially for me personally, whose level of language use is very limited. I have been given a talent by my God, I must share it with many people, hopefully I can make God smile. ...@ Once again, thank you for your cooperation so far. May God always bless us all...Amen. Healthy greetings to all present in this forum...Johanes Januar. ...@ In closing, I would like to say... "Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy New Year 2022"
Same for you, dear Johanes !!! Your level of language may be limited but your excellent guidelines are clear to everybody !!! Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and your family, Johanes!
Johanes, senang menempatkan Anda, salah satu pengulas yang paling konsisten dan berpengetahuan dalam sorotan, Anda pantas mendapatkannya teman saya. Terima kasih atas kata-kata baik dan liburan bahagia Anda juga!
Thank you so much for this honest and well-written insight. This article is such a wonderful eye-opener for a newbie here on 1x. The amount of work and quality of the work that goes on behind the scenes at 1x can be seen straight off the bat. I have been in awe of the quality of photography for a couple of years now. It has taken a wee bit of courage to show my work. Constructive critics are crucial to growth and furthering our skills, but, you have to be ready and willing to take it in. I am very excited to have found this community and looking forward to learning from you all as well as sharing when I can. It is an honour to be here. Wishing you all a wonderful festive season and a happy New Year!
So nice to hear that you've taken courage to jump in and share, have a wonderful holiday and New Year!
Hallo Peter an excellent write up on very interesting subject. I agree with you. I do comment (sometime criticize) selected photographs. Not because I like them but to show the photographer my appreciation or to tell him what would I do better. The response is sometime good sometime not very good. I agree with you about your comment related to social media. I have problem to see a comment "excellent capture" and similar to a terrible photo. People are lying to each other. That why I love 1x, not easy to be successful but honest. I am recommending 1x to all friends photographers I know. And at the end many thanks for this contribution, many thanks for all beautiful photographs (also appreciation to all authors), many thanks to Yvette for editing and peaceful and relaxing Christmas holidays for all of you including also entire 1x community.
Thank you dear Miro !!! My best wishes to you and your family too.
Thank you so much Miro, have a grand Christmas!
Thanks you very much for this magnificent article dear friends Peter e Yvette
;-) thank you so much, Joan !
Thanks Joan!
Thank you very much for this article dear Peter and Yvette!
Our pleasure, and we mean every single word written by Peter !
Cheers Vasil!
First of all, I would like to congratulate the authers of these magnificent photographs... And I would like to thank them for the time and effort they have devoted to our photographs.
Thank you Emel!
Thank you so much dear Peter and Yvette for the presentation of this valuable Article, which i find very appropriate ! In fact, it is worth browsing through the "Latest Published" Folder, as you can find real gold treasures there too ! I'am also very happy to be part of this great exhibition, it's a great honor for me ! Regards Marcel
Deserved to be included, Marcel !!! So grateful for faithful members as you are!
Golden hidden treasures indeed! Thanks Streiff
So true! A big applause for this article and the people that give constructive critiques! It helped me to learn and grow and still does!
Thanks Elizabeth!
Thank you for the praise of our work, Peter and Yvette, very kind of you. In fact most of the time 1x members are very grateful for what we do. The reasons it's appreciated so much can be found in Peter's article: First of all members asked for the critique, so it doesn't come by surprise and is perceived annoying. Secondly, as stated above, it's not very easy to get an honest and hopefully educated opinion on your work. Senior Critics are all volunteers. I use to call it the "helping gene" or "teacher's attitude" which drives us. We "lost" quite a few critics over the last year, which reduces diversity of opinions. A pity. We became critics because we showed the passion in participating the forum. Then we were invited. I learned more and quicker from writing critiques than from any photo course. You have to dig into the work you critique, try out what you suggest as a change (at least I do), describe the process of change. When do you spend deep thoughts on an other photograph? Usually we see it, leave a compliment about one-two aspects and move on. Try it out, write a comprehensive critique. You will be surprised how thankful members are and how much you learn yourself...
A perfect connection to what Peter wrote, Mike !!! I remember when yu became head of the senior critics, it was supposed to be temporary, and look, you're still there. I cannot imagine somebody else driven like you and motivating the fantastic members of your team.
The work you and the others do is very much appreciated, ga pleasure to spotlight it a little, cheers!
We used to say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but now I say that these words fit over a thousand pictures. Thank you Peter for this important and valued article. I was very touched by having included a photo of me that I was delighted to take. I would like to praise, joining you, the work "in the shadow" of the senior critics that helps us so much to evolve by learning. Thanks also to Yvette for her important work on I am grateful to belong to this community where I learn, every day, to be a better photographer.
Thank you, dear Miguel! My priority is the high quality of the articles on 1x. Without our membersand their work, the magazine would be a boring thing ;-)
Thank you Miguel for those kind words! Cheers!
I think it's an excellent article . . . . and the photos are pretty good too. :-) Peter and Yvette - Thank You! You really summed up the 'state of the art' for Photography. In 1840, as Photography was being born, painter, Paul Delaroche, seeing a daguerreotype image for the first time, famously said "From this day, painting is dead." The flood of photographs that appear minute by minute on the internet might sometimes make us feel like saying "Photography is dead - it drowned an overwhelming tsunami of images." But now and then we see a photograph that stands out from the rest, one that makes us feel something, or that teaches us something about human nature. And then we know that Photography will survive.
Thank you so much for your reaction in depth, Steven. An unbearable and fantastic quality of a senior critic ;-)
Thanks Steven, yes, we just have to keep swimming against the tsunami...
Peter and Yvette, thank you for this ode to the team of critics. They deserve to be honoured for their professional and sustained contribution to this community. Thank you also for choosing one of my photos, although I don't understand why I deserved it :-))
Dear Luc, you are part of the members commenting on images published but not awarded. That's why, dear friend !!!
Indeed they do! Cheers Luc!
Well-written article reminding us of the unique members and features that make 1x unique.
Thanks Sydney!
Thanks so much dear Peter for your article that sympathize with us, photographers who find photography an important part of our life. I find 1X a great platform which respect its photographers despite the wide difference in styles and qualities. This article is a true reflection of our reality. Thanks again dear Peter and many thanks dear Yvette for adding your important contribution to 1X.
Thanks for your appreciation, Arnon! All credits go to Peter who always comes up with great articles.
Cheers Arnon, thanks for being so supportive!
Many thanks Peter, I'm really pleased and honored that a work of mine has been selected as an example in this great article. All the more honored to have been chosen in the company of photographers more skilled than me, whose excellent technical quality and originality I have always admired. Many thanks as well to the dearest Yvette, for her constant efforts in producing these beautiful articles. Happy Holidays to all. Francesco
Thank you, dear Francesco. Enjoy happy holidays to, my friend !
It's good to have you in the spotlight Francesco, you're very much appreciated for all your support to everyone on site.
My pleasure, dear Yvette, my friend ! :)
Thank you so much again, Peter ! I'm truly honored. I gladly support as many people as I can on this site, sorry I can't support them all...
Thank you very much Peter for this great article with that content of which I fully agree. Many thanks also to Yvette for her continous work as an editor
Thank you very much, Hans-Wolfgang !
Glad you liked it Hans!
"This then is a real hidden value of 1x. An unsung value. Comments are generally good and photographers can at any time request and receive an in-depth review of their work if they choose." You are right! The Critique is a unique feature you have. But what you guys do not reckon is how educative it is to non-photigraphers like me! I learn a whole bunch from reading thru the observations made by Senior Critics. (just a shame that I have not been able to visit the site on a regular basis.) Thank you all at You all do a great job. Many thanks!
Thanks Srini! Appreciate your support!
Credit where credit’s due, very well deserved! Thank you, Peter, all senior critics and those supportive members out there!
… and let’s not forget Yvette! :-)
Thank you, Gerda ;-)
We can never forget Yvette, no Yvette, no magazine!
my oh my ... you all make me blusing and you surely do, Peter
Again; credit where credit’s due! ;-)
Wow " The Special Ones " in the Spot Light - I'm lost for words Thank you so very much Yvette Depaepe and Peter Davidson..
;-) thanks Daniel
Lost for words? You? I don't believe it... Best wishes!