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Featured Exhibition: Terra Incognita by Jean-Luc Billet

by Yvette Depaepe 
Edited and published the 3rd of February 2023


This month's featured exhibition shows amazing minimal landscapes which are taking us to an unknown world or 'Terra Incognita' by Jean-Luc Billet

Jean-Luc quotes: "Photography, this vain and indispensable attempt to stop time, to infuse the image with a little of our anxiety and wonder. A way to resist by putting into it the best of ourselves. And, from the shooting to the final print, to make sure that these images restore a little of the beauty of the origins.

To establish this dialogue is to be nourished by the essential. It is not only the eye and the mind that are solicited but the whole body. We then have the feeling of accompanying the movement of the world, of being accepted in sacred territories, our photographs celebrate this privilege.

We come back with a precious gift and the hope of having been able to put into the shooting all the components of the lived experience; they can be deployed again during post-production, whether they are visual, sensory or emotional.

In the hope of leaving a trace, we slip our images into the uninterrupted digital flow, take part in exhibitions, sometimes publish books. These ephemeral satisfactions never satisfy the desire within us, the thirst for new creations that constantly calls us. Even if we know that one day they will fade away."


This featured exhibition is exposed on the opening page  / Gallery of our site since during the whole month of February 2023.

Click here to see the entire exhibition : [2] Terra Incognita by Jean-Luc BILLET (
For our French speaking members, Jean-Luc added the translation at the end of his exhibition.



Here are a few images you can admire in this exhibition, just to trigger your curiosity.



One Stop Over : AI. ChatGPT. Art for arts sake

by Editor Peter Davidson
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 2nd of February 2023 


'Stay Frosty' by Robert Work


I mentioned in a previous article that the great photographer Salgado predicted that in his view, in around ten years perhaps, there will not be photography, simply the image. I thought at the time that he was a little too conservative, it might be sooner than that, but now I think that moment has already arrived. It's here.


So the question is, when an AI generated image, blended from real photographs originated by others, and the end result is indistinguishable from a real photograph, is the result still photography?  

I would argue it is not. Rather it's an image presented as photography, but is not photography. Instead the creator did not use a camera, preferring to  appropriate other photographic works to create a new image via a software program. 


Currently, there is a huge debate on the ethical concerns of using AI in creating original work, be it visual or written. But it must be remembered, this is nothing new.
That'll be $89,950 please, thank you!
That's how much people were paying for Richard Prince's art in 2014.
Well, if you consider it actually art. His art, I mean.
You see, he takes images from other people on Instagram, adds a few 'comment' words, then prints them up big and sells the result.

Intrigued, I went along to see his gallery show in London. Four pages of BS hand-outs written by the artist didn't really convince me to his cause. Although his chosen images are strong, you can't escape the fact that they aren't his. But I guess it's true his artistic vision has arguably brought these images to public view, when otherwise they would be lost. A grey disturbing area indeed. If you like this kind of art, save yourself $89,950 and print one of your own choosing from your own screen print of other peoples art, like from Richard Prince's own web site. Now wouldn't that be ironic...