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Welcome to the in depth Critique forum!

The place to improve your photography, editing, or simply the impact of a shot you like to share before sending it to curation. Here you can request feedback on your photos from our team of senior critics or members enjoying and participating in the forum.

Please share some details on your intention, how you did the shot, what inspired you, which aspect you might not be happy with. The more you share, like also the recording settings (focal length, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO), the better we can help improving. If applicable, let us know what do you want to learn from the critique forum?

Do you have technical questions? Do you want advice about the perceived message or visual story of your image?

Please add your photo title as "Topic title". Don't forget to attach the photo you want to receive critique on, ideally in >2000px or full resolution. If you use other tools than Lightroom and Photoshop, please let us know. A minimum of 100 words (500 characters) is required. Please write in English and don't post more than one at a time. Senior Critics are volunteers, please keep that in mind.

Now please click the button on the right and show us what we can hopefully help you with!

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