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Outside the Wall - 1X Helps Us to See the Infinity

by Editor Despird Zhang
Published the 23rd of April 2021

8fotos [东八区影像], literally means UTC-8 Images. 
8fotos is an online photography community founded by Despird Zhang and Sarah Shen  around 2016.


'Focus' by Despird Zhang

Nowadays, most members are from mainland China, but there are also China-born photographers living in Australia, North America and Europe.
Currently, the community is purely non-profit and doesn't have a clear organizational chart or any strict policies.  Members are not required to undertake any kind of obligations.

8fotos has been playing an ambassador role between international and domestic cultures & arts for years. One of the first priorities is to introduce international cutting-edge photographic arts and knowledges as well as high-profile online photography galleries (such as 1X) into China.  In the past three years, 8fotos has translated numerous 1X magazine articles or critique articles for domestic readers.   The community has become the major knowledge base of 1X.

Many domestic highly sophisticated photographers were astonished by the depth and beauty at first glance of 1X photographs.  They all agree that the 1X gallery is a treasure they never have seen before, and for the first time they realize that photography can be presented with unlimited possibilities.  These works have set a high benchmark that has become the main pursuit of Chinese aspiring photographers.


(Chinese translations of 1X articles by 8fotos on WeChat)

In addition to broadening the horizons of domestic photographers, 8fotos has also promoted many outstanding Chinese photographers to enter the international stage, presenting their works to global readers. 8fotos is also committed to breaking the language barrier. Although regrettably, as of this writing, it is still very difficult for most Chinese users to set up an account on 1X. Fortunately, 8fotos has played the role of Window of 1X and promises to continue to translate fine articles to domestic readers.

Another goal of 8fotos is to make Chinese photographers aware of some things that are very different from the past, which is very crucial for this globalization process, such as starting to take seriously to the copyrights and resist piracy, as well as showing respect and appreciation to original authors when they are sharing works created by other people.

8fotos has organised various photography club functions, photo critique events, and online photo competitions, etc. Editor Selection is conducted every two months, and there will be Photographer of the Year awards annually.

At the end of this essay, I am glad to present a selection of works from the 8fotos community. These are only the tip of the iceberg. Some of the authors are 1X members, but it is a shame that most of them still cannot easily become a 1X member due to network or language barriers or financial reasons. Some of them are professional photographers having their own studios. They also include full-time mothers or housewives, engineers, technicians and even salesman. Regardless of their education or work backgrounds, they all will be remembered for their unique expressions and amazing talents. Furthermore, it is also an excellent opportunity for us to see more perspectives of modern China.


Bingo Z

















Jessica Li






Mary Gao


Sarah Shen  (co-founder of 8fotos)
1x - Magazine - There is Always HOPE



















'Skater boy'


















In addition to the above authors, there are also two honorary members who have been featured in the 1X magazine:

Dongyun Bai :  1x - Magazine - Dongyun Bai: Urban Illusionist - Revelation of City Lights & Shadows

Ke Liu : 1x - Magazine - Ke Liu : Photography is the View Finder of My Heart


Dear Des and Sarah, thanks for 8fotos and the translation of our articles. Wonderful images from outstanding Chinese photographers in this gallery. Congratulations to all and special thanks to Ke Liu, Dongyun Bai, Bingo Z, Windancer, Despird Zhang and Sarah Shen for sharing your work on 1x. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you Yvette and have a good weekend. Regards, Des from Perth