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Dongyun Bai: Urban Illusionist - Revelation of City Lights & Shadows

by Editor Despird Zhang 
in collaboration with Dongyun Bai  – Photographer/Visual Artist

Published the 25th of September 2020




My name is Dongyun Bai, and I am now living in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China.
I have developed a keen interest in photography since I was very young.
However, given the financial condition of my family, it was a luxury for me to be fully exposed to photography.







After I grew up, I have maintained a consistent interest in photography, constantly looking for opportunities to walk close to it, so much so that my work was all related to images.
At that time, what I wanted most was to have my very first camera. To fulfil a dream like this, I must work really hard, learning photography on the one hand, and saving money on the other.


'Around the factory'



'Infinite City'



一个人走过' - 'Walking alone' 

I acquired my fondamental photography basics in a training class, such as the knowledge of exposure, shutter speed etc. Across the different learning stages I accumulated the advanced knowledge and skills through self-education and continuous shooting practice.


'Beautiful sunset#1'



'Beautiful sunset'



'Lonely day'


In recent years, my creative mind has been influenced by many European and American visual artists, which have truly affected many aspects of my view of aesthetics and visual perceptions. 

In the process of continuous learning, I gradually redefined myself, as a result there will be more fantastic ideas and inspirations I could use for my creations.
I love to use a mystery and ethereal method to express my feelings along with those surreal elements sourced from unspeakable, the far side of myself. I love the power of monochrome expression too.


Beijing New World Center


Regarding the creative idea of Bejing New World, when I was walking around subway stations in Beijing, this scene popped up in front of me.
At that moment, the design on the stairwells looked so exquisite and unique entangled with people coming and going. Under the thought of the idea of creating a New World, it does reflect ourselves, who have been struggling for survival. In that way I brought this picture to life.


The Surreal World


The idea for this work originated in Bejing as well. This was the place where I used to work.
It is located in the China Central Place. That portrays the moment that I felt very exhausted due to the pressure and extreme hopelessness.
Then I came across this scene, I noticed the interesting fact that people have changed while the scene has not. So I used a tint of cold tone to represent the ruthlessness of this concrete city.
Of course, I certainly hope that people will gradually rediscover themselves like I did.

The above two works were created in 2017.


Under Bridge


I am presenting this video today showing how this work was edited in Photoshop.
The main utility I was using is Path Blur (Filter -> Blur Gallery).
I am sorry it is a bit fast, I hope you can keep up though.

Thank you for the interest in my work, dear friends!


un travail extraordinaire, quel artiste ... merci Yvette de nous trouver régulièrement des virtuose pour nous faire grandir
Congrats, very interesting and thank you for showing here !
Dongyun, your works fascinate me completely. I am always impressed by your work. Thank you for showing them to us here.
Great work! I really enjoyed reading your story, thanks for sharing it.
thank you
A wonderful creative mind ! Congratulations, I am a fan of your work.
thank you
Beautiful works Baidongyun. Congrats my friend !! Thank you Despird Zhang for your hard work .
谢谢老哥 是你让我进入1x 没想到会有这样的开始。 Thank you, brother, you let me enter 1x. I didn't expect it to start like this.
Thanks master Deng, and he is true that you are our lead
Amazing works Dongyun, congratulations! And thank you Yvette for bringing us this article, have a good weekend!
Thank you my friend