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eldad pniniIsrael123299pJoined 2012
The works of Eldad Pnini express desire, sexuality, fear, fantasy, religious and metaphysical emotions. Using a single nude model and photography, he stages her in living nature, urban environments, as well as naked archetypal events ? both artistic and historical, of humanity passing through prisms which have been cultivated for generations. His art reflects nature next to progress, love versus fear and purity juxtaposed with cruelty, expressed in various forms. ?All works are "Untitled" because every viewer interprets the works of Pnini according to his/her own world of fears, passions, desires, traumas and private fantasies.? Eldad Pnini, is a graduate of the Avni Institute of Art, where he specialized in drawing and painting. His need to create art began at a much earlier age however, when as a youth he studied drawing, painting and the history of art through the youth program at the Tel Aviv Museum. After his formal education he continued to learn and work in graphic design. The camera has become his chosen tool for ?painting? his pictures, and this can be seen in his dramatic "brush strokes" and vibrant use of colors. Recent Solo Exhibits: "Intimate Dreams", Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel - 50 Photography and Digital Art Works "Intimate Fears" Salona Art Bar, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 2011 20 canvas prints in a series titled, Intimate Fears Recent Group Exhibits ?"Vanilla Sex", Jaffa Museum Gallery, Tel Aviv ? Jaffa, Israel, December 2010 The exhibition was canceled because my photo, "Last Supper". The Photo is my renditions of Leonardo da Vinci?s "The Last Supper" using only half naked women. It created a huge outrage by the Christian community of Jaffa, and the show was forced to not open due to political pressures from even as high up as the Vatican. ?"Vanilla Sex", Rugin House of Design, Tel Aviv. March 2011  After cancellation of the original exhibition in Jaffa, the curators found an alternative venue that was willing to display the controversial works of the artists. ??"Secrets Behind Closed Doors" Exclusive, Tel Aviv, June 2011??"Jewish Star?, Gallery "minus 3", Tel Aviv. A group art exhibition that combines the yellow Star of David patch Holocaust and rebirth.??"Touch", Train Station Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel July 2011 20 top photographers chosen by each other in order to consolidate a shared creative show, first of its kind. The exhibition gives expression to how the photographers can now use the social networks like Face book, Flickr and others to strengthen their bonds with each other and to create a professional springboards for the artistic community to create and develop. ?"Social Protest" The main gallery, Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv Israel, September 2011 ? "True Colors", Train Station Gallery, Tel Aviv, October 2011, Fundraiser for the GBLT community in Israel