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Hossein ZareIran91079pJoined 2012
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Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
Hossein is a master of symbolic language in combining simple elements in his pictures. He knows to create surrealistic worlds by perspective and juxtaposition of everyday views. For all this he employs extraordinary skills in editing. Looking forward to see more of his work!
Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
All of Hosseins photos tell a story, however, they also allow you to find your own within his images. His color and composition work is excellent and he has an eye for lines, color and detail. The surreal quality of his work makes you fall into the feeling and the story.
Endorsing for skills in Creative edit photography
your photos are wonderful.i like the way you show love and care.i like the way you show human`s doubts and confusions.its really very nice to have some unique ideas like what you have. i m waiting to see more beautiful photos from you.