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Victoria IvanovaRussiaPRO964309pJoined 2010
Endorse Victoria
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Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
Victoria is a very clever conceptual photographer with a very vivid imagination that never runs dry. Her photos awake many emotions, they can make you sad or put a smile on your face. Many times even in their humour there is a serious, important message behind the photo. This is a difficult genre and both her ideas and the execution of her projects are top notch.
Endorsing for skills in Still life photography
Victoria excels in the realm of still life photography. She has truly developed her own style which remains unparalleled in execution and delivery of a message. She is extremely talented and as students of the arts we should be glad to learn from her outstanding work. We are lucky to have her as part of the 1x community. Thank you, Victoria!
Endorsing for skills in Humour photography
You very good skills not only in photography, but also your sense of humor is brilliant! It gives me again always a great laugh with every picture I see of you!
You know, to surprise every time again I salute you!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I immediately appreciated the talent of the photographer Victoria.
I was especially impressed by his infinite creativity, the perfection with which he made his photographs, as well as the choice of objects, which often happens to all of us use everyday, which has chosen to use for its excellent work.
Endorsing for skills in Humour photography
Victoria needs no endorsement from a non-photographer like me. :)

Yet I feel obliged since her work has given me a lot of pleasure. Her work with clothesline clips and pears have often been inspirational. They fascinate me by their originality, humor (subtle emotions?) and as an illustration (unintended pun) of out of the box thinking.

I wish her all the best with her work and life.
Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
I have been fallowing Victorias work the last three years. What amazes me at the first place, beside the perfect execution, is her creative ideas which surprises me every time I see how she makes a well working concept with simplest things. Things others may not even see as an art object. Its very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your work Victoria :-)
Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
If there was a choice to endorse Victoria as I see fit I would have chosen Artist. Her execution of ideas, from arrangement to the way she lights it, the different context of her shots and the mood she portrays her subjects is beyond brilliant. Each new creation she shares is more intriguing than the last one and keeps surprising us with new ideas.
Wish you all the best Victoria and thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures.
Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
Victoria, I am sure you've heard that a million times, yet I cannot remain silent: your inexhaustible creativity, your personal style - recorgnizable and so unique - remain noone indifferent. I am your true and most devoted fan. Love your photos. Thanks indeed for your talent and please keep going.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I would like to endorse Victoria. She is great photographer. Her conceptual photos are wonderful. Love your photos, Victoria. :-) I am always happy to see Victoria's photos on the front page. Your fantasy is inspiring.