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don juanSouth Africa85pJoined 2012

Exploring the art of technology and the technology of art


Don Maxwell Searll  alias ~( DON JUAN) ~ is an artist who uses photographic & digital technology as his preferred medium.

Don believes technology defines the natural evolution of art.

As imaging technology has evolved, so Don’s art has evolved with it.

Don has pioneered five artistic technologies in South Africa, infra red photography, Holography, Stereoscopic imaging, Laser Graphics, Computer Graphics and VR.

A leading international authority on 3D communication production and technology since 1976 he is an expert in the art of the third dimension.

He has several significant milestones, awards and exhibitions to his name in the public and corporate arenas.

He instrumental in creating the Taung Skull hologram for the cover of National Geographic Magazine in 1985.

In 1991 was commissioned by De Beers to create the “Mona Laser”, one of the first holographic portraits in the world. 

Don continues to explore the art of technology and the technology of art.

Don's main focus is 3D VR and Digital Imaging technology.

Watch this space ~