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Roeselien RaimondNetherlands68260pJoined 2009
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Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Would like to endorse Roeselien for her skills as a photographer. Have been following her work for years and always amazed at her images.

She has some of the best fox images posted and keeps coming up with more. Making one good image is significant but making image after image is the true test of greatness. Roeselien is a great photographer !! Admire your work !!

Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
Roeselien Raimond not only is very skilled in taking beautiful pictures of wildlife,but also is very creative in writing the stories behind the pictures as you can read in her blog.
Often in a very funny way!
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
I've been following Roeselien's work on many platforms, and her passion for photographing her local wildlife is amazing. She loves getting low down in the dirt and snow and capture those engaging and riveting angles of her subjects that would be otherwise impossible. Top that off with a great eye and sense of anticipation (knowledge of her subject's behaviour) and you have a winning recipe.
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
As a passionate wildlife photographer myself, I love looking at beautiful photos of other wildlife photographers, not only for the pleasure I get from looking through their portfolio but also for the inspiration it offers. Roeselien's pictures – particularly her images of foxes! – fill me with pure delight; she has a wonderful talent in being able to capture her subjects at just the right moment to show candid expressions that have me feeling a deep connection with them. More than merely a photographer, Roeselien is an artist whose passion is clearly felt through her work, a passion that enables her to capture moments of natural history in a way that tells wonderfully sublime visual stories. Thank you so much for sharing your art Roeselien, and for further enriching my love of animals!!! :-)
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
Roeselien shows an exquisite talent in the field of nature photography. She has an impeccable eye for composition and her work is a joy to observe. One of the best wildlife photographers I've ever run across!