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Raphael GuarinoGermany329392pJoined 2007
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Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
I would like to endorse Raphael for his skill as a portrait photographer. The strange but wonderful world of Raphael Guarino. You just have to look at this photographers work to see a very high level of skill and passion for the fine art of portrait photography. To take a moody landscape you simply pick the right day, to put mood into a portrait a takes master of many skills. Raphael is a true master.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I think it´s a shame that you haven´t got any endorsements until now. This is my first ever but it´s well motivated.
Your portraits are exceptional and they are exactly what I´m looking for.
The portraits combine softness and harsch textures in a fantastic way.
The mood that follows leave a trace for a long time.
It doesn´t matter if the picture is in black & white or color, the both types are carefully edited to bring up the best in each subject.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
What a touching and emotional photographs. A distinctive and unique style. Profound and soul pleasing shots. I have rarely seen such beautiful and artistic images. congratulations greetings Franziskus