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PhotographerNLNetherlands127876pJoined 2008
Endorse PhotographerNL
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Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Marc, I've wanted to write this endorsement for some time; but the right combination of words don't always come. Your work is in many ways provocative - I've read comments from people who did not take the time to assess the image and it's message - the message is left to the viewer with no explanation from you - for the kind of photography you do, I find this absolutely correct in every way. In all your work you show technical expertise that I hope one day to emulate. For me, your black and white work is the strongest, with the most impactful messages.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Marc's work always impressed me for it's strong mood and intensity. His images have a huge emotional impact. Besides his skills as a talented photographer, Marc has a very warm personality. He is respectful of other's work, helpful and very nice. It's a pleasure to have him as a contact and friend. It's a pleasure to me to endorse him. I'm very glad to have Marc in our Editorial Team and hope that we will do a great job for our great 1x community/family. Thanks for that and keep on sharing your fine work, Marc. Cheers, Yvette
Endorsing for skills in Fine Art Nude photography
Hiiii Mrs Photographer NL ,,,,,
Concepts of fine art nude you very good and having the character,What I see all the work was drafted by both the full story
Full of high artistic value in the nude art ...I hope concepts nude you become example and inspiring make lovers nude art
Same as i was inspired by your creation ...
I like your work ... Best Regards Jay satriani
Endorsing for skills in Mood photography
PhotographerNL is a wonderful creator with wonderfull ideas, all worked out very good, the moods in his images are wonderful, never miss a picture of him, he is a inspiration to me, and to many more .
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
I would just in short.
Endorse PhotographerNL for skills in portrait photographer. His photos are simply beautiful and a little bit different than others. Keep going and good light!
Davorin Baloh(@follow)