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Leigh PeltonHead moderatorUnited StatesCREW71723pJoined 2012
Endorse Leigh
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Endorsing for skills as a curator
I met Leigh not long after she joined when I noticed a gorgeous shot of Hummer's she had taken. They are birds photographers love to get a good image of, but most of the time they all look the same. Leigh's image was a creative one, blurred exactly to the right amount to give it feeling of being 'more than' just a photo of another hummer; I was impressed. I found Leigh friendly, and got to know her a bit.

A couple of months ago Leigh joined the Moderator Team at 1x, and I have had the opportunity to get to know her even more. Now I can say that she possesses a wide range of characteristics that make her a joy to be around. First and foremost she has a great sense of humor, and has - on more than one occasion - turned a difficult situation into something quite humorous.

She is incredibly bright, and picked up on the Mod role immediately; she has been a very big help to everyone on the team. I am so pleased she decided to join us, and I look forward to continuing to work with her.

She has excellent ideas, makes good suggestions, and has a diplomatic personality; all of which add to the 1x community. Her writing skills are brilliant and she could easily have a career in writing fiction.

I have found her to be reliable, dependable and she makes me smile when I arrive at 1x. Leigh, you are a very special lady. :)

Endorsing for skills as a curator
There is no possibility to endorse for "tutorial preparation" support that's the primary reason for which I like to endorse Leigh, so i chose the "nearest" one. Leigh supported me in transforming my almost raw notes in something readable and well presented. I'm grateful for this and for the kindness always demonstrated of course joined to a great competence on the subject. As photographer, Leigh portfolio shows the capability to deal with several different specialisation, from portrait to street, to nature and the eclecticism is a dower I always appreciate.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I like to endorse Leigh for her great portfolio showing us pictures which express much sensitivity and warmth! She has a great photographic eye to capture beautifully an instant moment with best composition! I remember very well the first picture I saw: “Introducing a Passion” in B/W from Leigh. I was instantly thrilled by the expression captured from the people, a beautiful snapshot, telling us a story! Since I am looking forward to all her new uploads!
Thank you very much Leigh for sharing your pictures with us in 1x!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Dear Leigh. All your portfolio is a dream because everything is magic. All your photos are wonderful. There is always something new to see and beautiful. You're a professional. Congratulations for you amazing images. Best wishes! Best regards!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I here to endorse Leigh for his very high quality creativity images, not just very high quality, but a great feeling of mood come over the viewer. A true master of his craft, great camera skill. You can see just by looking as his portfolio, he a true love affair with the art of nature and creative photography.