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Leigh PeltonHead moderatorUnited StatesCREW71723pJoined 2012

My day job is electrical engineering with an aerospace company in the U.S. Southwest. I've been doing that for about 30 years. I rediscovered photography a little over four years ago after almost a four-decade absence, and it's turned into an obsession. I can't seem to stop taking photos, reading about taking photos, collecting and studying the works of other photographers and plodding through Photoshop workbooks. Friends and co-workers have begun asking me to do portrait work for them, and what use to be my dinning room is now a small photo studio. Having complete control over the lighting of a subject is an absolute delight. I'm still exploring the different specialties of photography, but I think I'm moving in the direction of Street Photography and/or Wildlife Photography. In some ways they are not that much different. Although Wildlife Photography can produce some income return as apposed to most Street Photography. On the minus side, professional-quality Wildlife Photography requires some really, really expensive lenses. So far I've been doing my best with a 70-200 mm f/2.8.