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Kike BalenzateguiSpain23511pJoined 2013

I'm a self-taught photographer. Photography is my refuge, where I explain all of me. The most I like is searching for the "light".

I bought my first camera, a Canon 400D, in 2007. Now I work with a Canon 60D.

I am a son of the digital time, unfortunately I don´t know so much about the chemical process.

I try to learn the most about the post-processing but I prefer to do my pictures in the pre-processing.

I think that the process to obtain a pic is like an adventure, a great one.

I like use external flashes to obtein volumen, textures and a cinematographical ambient.


This is, till moment, my most iconic photography. Atxu Ayerra and me created together this picture which won the San Fermin Festival contest in 2011.

I was born in 1970 in Pamplona (Navarra), just on July the 7th, San Fermin day, a sign of predestination  I think.