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Jacob TuinengaNetherlands447117pJoined 2011
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Piet Flour  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
peace, light, dreamy; magical mist, tree silhouettes; sensitive BW, atmosphere , paths, silence … and I could go on listing the main impressions in Jacob's photos. always simple essence of what is important, images with no need of explanation, open to transplant our own dreams in.
Behind such images can only exist a warm hearted artist ; and this also reflects in his supportive comments, his open minded approach from other's work.
Keep on making those images, all worth hanging in large prints in hoses filled with love.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Jacob is a wonderful landscape photographer. Many of his images radiate a wonderful peace that make you forget the stress of everyday life.
He is here at 1X one of the photographers who take the trouble to comment on many new pictures.
I hope he stays 1X obtain a very long time
Endorsing for skills in Landscape photography
Jacob is a wonderful photographer who is able to put allway s a great mood in his images, love his work not only for his landscapes but he is also very good in portraits, you can see the soul of his models in it, keep up the great work you do Jacob :)
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Jacob Tuinenga's world of photography is always an amazing playground for the eyes. His sense for composition and accomplishment is a fine piece of art and left the beholder astonished. A great talent in photography and always a good fellow.
Piera Polo  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I always love to see Jacob work, he is a great photographer because he can capture the soul of people in his portrait, the light inside the person. The landscapes are always dreamful and transport us in a world of pace and calm, every thing is so quiet, so perfect. Composition, colors or b&w fit always perfect in every shot that presents us! For me his work is a font of inspiration and to admire every day .
Endorsing for skills in Wildlife photography
It's always a pleasure to see your works, Jacob. Your landscapes have this personal feeling that transports one into the black and white poetry. One can actually recognize your work without seeing your name and this is something very difficult to achieve.
Bildmedia  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Jacob has the ability to catch the moment and joint together with a great composition, creating impressive art and stories. Such photography that will be remembered, picked up in a drawer long time from now, spoken about, and through them, remembering Jacob. Inspiring in it simpleness and complexity at the same.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
What I appreciate very much about Jacob is the fact that he developed his own style. I recognise his black and white landscapes almost immediatly as one of him. I hope you'll continue this way Jacob! Greetings, Kristoff
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Jacob Tuinenga is a great photographer who always creates a wonderful mood in his photos, I love his work not only for his mystical landscapes but he is also gifted in making fantastic portraits: you always feel the soul of his models in his photos. Congrats, my friend !