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Julia Anna GospodarouGreece41005pJoined 2012
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Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Julia Anna is highly skilled in creating her own visions of architecture. The predominantly (or exclusively) black and white images convey to the beholder the interpretation of the architecture's work. Her skills in dealing with shapes and colors, especially black, are outstanding. Her works are a great inspiration for architecture photography lovers.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
A few months ago I became aware of Julia's work and I love it. Her work is not just a matter of capturing architecture in BW. The way she exposes her vision is subtle but also in a direct way with a strong and balanced composition. Post processing is fantastic.
I hope that we'll see and may enjoy her fantastic work today and in the future as well.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Photograph appreciated worldwide for his photographs in low key architecture, using the technique of long exposure and post-production black and white. Curator of the finer details and unfailing esthete.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Julia is one of my favorite photographers and artists whose work I follow religiously. I admire her vision and creativity which renders her work unique and outstanding. She is a master in playing with shapes, light and tones. Each of her work comes with a fresh perspective and is filled with ethereal beauty and rhythm. Keep up the great work Julia.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
With no doubts Julia one of masters in photography, may be I have never met her or physically attended one of her brilliant workshops, but I read her book which I would love to call ( the holly book of photography) I saw all the posted video tutorials as well ... Her language in her book was difficult to me to understand at the beginning but after a short time of persistence to continue reading I figured out the real meaning of the real artist ... My best regards