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Jon RistaUnited StatesJoined 2010

I am a .NET/C# software engineer and architect in Colorado who loves nature photography of all kinds, particularly bird and wildlife photography with a growing interest in astrophotography. I started doing photography during the summer of 2009, using a very big vacation to Yellowstone as an excuse to buy a DSLR. I have come to love photography more than anything else, and wish I had discovered its joys long before I did. In 2012, I picked up a Canon 7D, and found that I really loved bird and wildlife photography. Bird photography in particular is my current passion, and I spent the entirity of 2012 learning how to capture birds in their element. I hope to expand my horizons a bit again, get back into wildlife and landscapes in the coming years.

You can find me on the web at a variety of places. I am on 500px as well as here at 1x. I do not have much work here on 1x, none has passed curation yet, although I hope my skill with a camera will change that soon.


Nature Photography (blog, primary online presence)


Nature Photography (facebook)


500px Profile