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Jef Van den HouteHead curatorBelgiumCREW517083pJoined 2007

I'm a passionate amateur photographer for more than 30 years now.

Born near Brussels, I'm living since many years south of Antwerp (job related).

 I don't have any formal education in photography.

But my professional background lies in the related world of imaging and printing, with several international marketing and customer support functions in the Graphics Division of Agfa. As such I've been travelling a lot, mainly in Europe, North-America and Asia.

I did find my photographic knowledge through other sources.I quickly joined a photo club to learn from experienced photographers. I learned a lot through these contacts with other photographers, through reading about photography, visiting exhibitions and looking into photo books. But above all I learned a lot by submitting my own photographic work to comments and critics.

To get this critique and feedback I did participate in a lot of photo competitions: not to collect awards, but to expose my work to the judging of others. I'm not a competition driven photographer, trying to collect as many prizes as possible. It's not a real goal just a feeling good award.

I gathered quite some prizes, including in the prestigious Trierenberg Circuit. As such my work has been exposed all over the world in the exhibitions linked to these competitions.

From 2000-2003 I did follow an evening course (3 days a week) on digital imaging and creativity at the Antwerp Academy of Arts.

Although I do appreciate a wide diversity of photographic styles and motifs, my own photography goes mostly in the directions of architecture and more abstract shapes.

My aim in architectural photography is not to make documentary images. I want so show how I see the building, to create a kind of personal expression of the lines and the shapes, combined with the play of light on it. That's why I turn them often in black and white, since it reduces even more the architecture to a pure composition of light and tones.