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Jacob JovelouFounderSwedenCREW107562pJoined 2007
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Endorsing for skills as a curator
Jacob is an outstanding programmer and designer who has created the entire 1x community from scratch as well as our mobile site. In 2007, in the early days of 1x, the two founders curated all photos themselves and wrote critique on every image uploaded. Jacob has a very long experience of writing feedback and a keen eye for finding extraordinary images. He is also a great friend with a friendship that is lasting all the way from childhood.
Christoph Hessel  Unlimited
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
What would 1x be without you Jacob.
First of all what i remember from my very first days on 1x have been your wonderful moody images. Unfortunately it appears, as if coding and real life did not offer enough of time, to do more than iPhone shootings (still on a great artistic level).
Your coding, is the core of what 1x is.
Your always fast and reliable reactions, your always kind and polite, calm way to deal with all our wishes and requests is more than remarkable.
I am glad to have you on 1x
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Dear Jacob,I want endorse you because two important things, first founding such a good place for curated photos,it is really amazing that a photographer can publish a photo in 1x.com, second for your nice shuts and photos,they are interesting photos,congratulation.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I am endorsing Jacob as 'curator' for being one of the founders of this fabulous site. I am still learning photography and the quality of the works gathered on this site provide me with the ambition to become better and learn more. The quality of the works and the varied subject matter provide a constant inspiration and as a site 1x is second to none.
Thank you