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Giovanni TilottaItaly5000pJoined 2009
?If the world was a traveler in the belly of a juggler?-- Giovanni Tilotta (Florence 1971) Self-taught photographer, started in photography in 2006 as a concern that was transformed into a way to express their feeling and to interpret the world as well as a way of approaching a painting, his vision, perhaps in many of his works mark a pessimism before today's society and the world that we see, your images can not like it more than does not go unnoticed, some are provocative, other nostalgic, disturbing, disputing, painful, nightmares or dreams. His thematic is varied based on images that considers the common, landscapes, water droplets, reflexes, and then go on to explore with people and symbolic objects, until you reach a mix of objects and people that give the idea of being real but always in an attitude of questioning or to denounce those do not receive communion. His work has been develop in two different parts, the first one in Florence, Italy, the second one in Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico. His main theme is about the television and the way it manipulates, subjecting people almost so similar to a religion, another of his recurring themes.