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Emine BasaTurkeyPRO168455pJoined 2012
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Endorsing for skills in Documentary photography

As always, the perfect documentary takes great shots. Your timing is great
the colors are beautiful. your black and white works, your portrait works, your photos about traditional professions
takes pride in you worldwide.
I wish you continued success.
I wish you a healthy and happy day.
Endorsing for skills in Documentary photography
Emine is one of the best documentary photographers here on 1x. She has luck to live in such enviroment where old crafts are still practiced. When I look at her photographs, I always have on my mind simplicity of life. Her astonished and remarkable photos are just segments of little people's lifes. She is very talented photographer with skill to capture real life and document it with real passion for the future generations. I hope we shall see more real and trully photos from her. I am looking forward...
Endorsing for skills in Documentary photography
Emine has a wide range of great images. His documentary photographs of people at work are delightful. But Emine also shows delicacy with sensitive portraits and still life studies. The range of images is eclectic and all shot to a high standard. This portfolio is well worth a view!