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Edith HoffmanNetherlands303517pJoined 2012


My name is Edith Hoffman. I am a Fine Art Photographer.

Twenty-five years ago I started with painting and only a few years ago I switched over to photography.


Why photography?

You have an image very quickly that instantly can give you inspiration. However, I also didn’t want to give up painting. I therefore kept a secret wish to combine these two passions to create a personal style.

When I start a project, I don’t always have a complete, preconceived idea of exactly what I’m going to do. I simply surrender myself to the environment and the situation whilst waiting for that particulair one and only moment.

My main subject is people. I develop a very intense relationship with the people, who are modeling in my work. I especially regard those special moments of interactions and personal conversations. Some of these models even become friends. Working in this atmosphere, I can get very energetic and receive lots of inspiration. By cherishing this special relationship between the model and myself, the work becomes effortless with a wonderful sense of freedom.

For me, everyone is beautiful and unique; that is what I actively promote in my work.

As a counterpart, I also like the creative subject without any human interest at all.

I hardly can’t wait to see where my journey will take me next.


Ansel Adams: "You don't take a photograph, you make it".


My website and more info:

Copyright © Edith Hoffman. All rights reserved.

Please note following: although my photographs are published in the public domain it does not mean they are public property or free stock images.

Thank you very much for visiting my gallery!

Kind regards,


Edith Hoffman