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Charles Earl7000pJoined 2007
Hmmm, what to say, well to start I've been taking photographs on and off since I was a teen. In the 70's the first camera I used was a loaner from Air Cadets, an old waist level reflex viewfinder type. When you took a picture you looked down into the camera from above and the image shown in the viewfinder was upside down. There was a black and white darkroom in Cadets and they taught us the basics. In the 80's I was using a Pentax K1000 SLR an all manual camera that had almost no electronics inside. Ok there was a simple light meter but that was all there was. If a battery died on that light meter you could still use the camera.

Times have certainly changed; digital cameras come in all sizes and styles. You can use them to take hundreds of photographs on a single battery. Lenses are not only auto-focus but also image stabilizing. Some even recognize the faces in the image and maximizes the results to make them look their best. However even with all that technology a photograph is still only as good as the photographer.