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Nick van DijkGroup adminNetherlandsCREW164314pJoined 2015




In my younger years i was a semi-professional photographer (analog). I stopped for quite a few years but i am again enjoying taking photographs with my new, digital, Nikon D600. My favorite themes are Abstract, Architecture, Landscapes, Flowers, Macro, Street and Portrait, both in B/W and color, often minimal with high contrast.


I participate in triathlons, so i might occasionally throw in some sports pictures.


My personal website is http://nickvandijkphotography.com

My Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/nickvandijkphotography

My Wordpress Photoblog: https://nickvandijkphotography.wordpress.com/


My 1x portfolio is: http://dtrdyk.1x.com/

My favorites playlist on 1x: https://1x.com/playlist/563751

My 100 Super Images on 1x list (work in progress): https://1x.com/playlist/566963


Thanks for the visit,