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Jaco MarxSouth AfricaPRO205525pJoined 2012
A Dentist.  Conservationist.  Wildlife photographer.   It all started when I was very young playing with point-and-shoot cameras at home.  We were travelling a lot, and I captured moments on camera and the love for photography became a passion - especially wildlife photography.   To be honest, the thing that had me take up my camera was a drive for conservation.  This in the end is even more important than the most beautiful photo taken.  And photography is one of the strongest tools in conservation of fauna and flora.  And how necessary is conservation looking at issues like rhino poaching, elephants slaughtered for ivory and the sick trade of canned lion, leopard and even cheetah.  And this is only to name a few on the African continent. We need to be awaken! We need to take charge before it's too late. Caring for this planet is our duty, I proudly make a stand to do whatever I can to save this beautiful land, river, forest...   May you experience a glimpse of the beauty God created in photography!   I have a great interest in Nature photography, Travel photography, Wildlife photography, Landscape photography, Wilderness photography and so and so and so......   Cheers for now, see you online>>>   Prints can be ordered online at 1x or at www.marxphoto.ca.za with a Paypal or Credit card transaction and delivered to you door. Delivered worldwide.   Other links:    https://plus.google.com/+JacoMarx/posts https://500px.com/jacomarx https://twitter.com/JPHMarx https://www.pinterest.com/jacomarx/ https://www.instagram.com/jacomarx/