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Dare TurnsekSlovenia216411pJoined 2007
Almost one and half decade I have photographed only in the mountains and on the cliffs: Olympus in my pocket and Sensia in it. Thirteen years of searching for sense and nonsense, dancing on the tips of my fingers, solitary madness on steel tips after ice pillars of ephemerality, endless happiness on the edge of the old wooden bars with beer in contused hands swallowing depth of the radiant glow from eyes of my friends. Thirteen years … Then for a few years, I have not done anything. A couple of years ago I have started to paint again with light, now a little differently.  Always in the dark, always alone, usually there where I have not been before ... looking for that other "nothing". I prefer to "draw on the sensor" the emerging light, bursting mists, the first rays in the dark woods, fluttering sun over the lonely lake, sinking tree trunks in the dense fog, silent and gentle shadows, hidden images which can be drawn only with a long time exposure in a subtle, almost invisible light, origin of life in the radiant light of the new day ... Sometimes in the middle of all these beauties, I see dead mirrors of disappearing ideals and I "take" them with me. I walk for days and days on endless paths like before ... round nobodies’ tracks  paved by creatures silently complaining about the violence of the inhuman race ... and in the end they quietly disappear ... forever. And I am sitting for hours and hours on the edge of clearness, lonely ... I disappear, slowly, along with them ... AK’s verses probably express the same: When you cannot break the light … and you do not know what to do with ... silence … with the day and with yourself … Then with the ruins in the head and no words fattened on paper … you ride on a morning fog and choose direction against ancient sun …     dare.turnsek at gmail.com