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BJ YangGermanyUnlimited100043pJoined 2011

Several years ago I left my hometown Beijing and followed my German husband to Europe.

The change of environment liberated me from the tension born of the breakneck pace of life and work in China, and I was finally able to slow things down.

My unaccustomed leisure gave me an opportunity to take up my hobbies again. With camera and pen in hand, I began to do what I had always enjoyed – taking photos, writing and travelling.

I had travelled widely throughout the world, but I had never truly investigated my own homeland – China. My first target became China’s west, a land that I had always hankered after but never spared the time to visit. And thus my determination to get to know my own country took root.

As scenes from my childhood geography textbooks unfolded before my eyes, I suddenly woke up to the understanding of what a wonderful land it is – a land of heroes, a land of vastness and beauty, and a land of mystique and unique cultures. Humbled by the seemingly boundless skyline, the mountains brought home to me the tiny worth of all my gains and losses, and the heart-felt smiles of strangers on the road brought the simplest and purest happiness, and peace to my restless soul.

So it is that after a few years’ work, I humbly present what I saw and what I gained from my travels, my first album “Somewhere Far Away” was published in Chinese, English and German three languages by Foreign Languages Press of Beijing, China in 2013. This album is dedicated to my husband, without his love, support and understanding, it would not be possible. And all the incomes of the album sales have been donated and used to help the poor kids in the west of China.

Photography becomes a part of my life. It makes me happy, creative and active. I cannot imagine living without it any more. 


1. 1X Photographer of the week: BJ Yang - May 6, 2014