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Rajat DhesiIndiaPRO63928pJoined 2011
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Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I like to endorse Rajat both for skills as a photographer and curator. I do both for the same reason: he shoots and he acts in a very gently way and that in my thoughts has a great value. I adore to see simple every day life shots, they makes me happy and curious about different cultures, well Rayat's gallery is full of these "little" works and I thank him for that.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I am endorsing Rajat for her expertise in curation. Rajat has curated on two of my images this weekend and I have to say he is 100% correct in his words. He's very articulate and knowledgeable in what he writes. It's a pleasure to read his curation comments on images here in 1x. Keep up the good work, Rajat!
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Rajat, I'd like to endorse for your penetrating curation comments. You have an analytical approach and you give a very balanced overview of the pictures you comment upon. Keep up the good work