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Anders ÅngströmSweden9894pJoined 2008

Hi, Im Anders Å and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. What I appreciate most with photography is how immensely it has improved my ability to actually "see", percieve and appreciate places, things and situations around me in everyday life. That improved ability certainly makes my life richer and more exciting. There are pictures everywhere, all the time. Its only a pity that the camera is not there when you really wish you had it on your shoulder. Photography is also something very different from my day job as a business consultant. It makes me relax from work. Not that I dont have to be creative and overcome interesting challenges at work. Photography however opens up another dimension of life that complements my work very well. I am especially fascinated by black & white photography which I find convey moods and sentiments much better than colour. Having difficulties to see some colours correctly makes B&W extra rewarding as I don not have to worry about not perceiving weird tints when I process my pictures. I use a Nikon D750 wth a 24-80 zoom, a 50 or 85 mm prime lens for just about everything I shoot. I process my slides with Lightroom, and Nik Software Color Efex and Silver Efex Pro. For studio portraits I also use a pair of Profoto D1:s monolight strobes that I highly recommend.

Please see more of my pictures on Instagram. My user name is @andersan