You are an Inspiration

1x is a unique community because there are so many talented photographers here. Every day you inspire thousands of people with your fantastic art works, to make them enjoy photography more, to start taking pictures on their own and to improve their art. All your fantastic photos put a smile on thousands of people every day and make the world a better place. Thanks to you the reputation of photography will increase.

When you write comments in curation, especially experienced members, remember that you are an inspiration and example to everyone else. This means that if you use your experience and knowledge and write really insightful comments, the less experienced members of our community can learn a lot and become better photographers and curators.

Right now there are a lot of comments just saying "great picture", even from experienced members. This will not help the photographer to develop and it will not help other members reading your comments to learn about photography. Please share your experience and write really useful, extensive, in-depth comments in curation. Short "great picture" comments you can write on published photos instead.

Thanks a lot for helping out in curation and sharing your great talent and experience with other photographers!

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