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1x is about finding the best photos in the world and to inspire photographers to reach for the sublime. An important step for achieving this is to help photographers develop. Inspiration and learning are corner stones of 1x and their importance are going to grow even more. The new curation feature where you get in-depth feedback on your images is the first step and tutorials is the second step towards this goal.

Unfortunately the printed versions of the recent tutorial books are on hold, because of some problems with our American publisher. The good news is that instead we will release a digital tutorial book in April/May, which will include all the tutorials of the old books as well a lot of new ones, all in all around 1000 tutorials, a true well of photographic knowledge! All these tutorials are proof read to ensure highest quality in all aspects and that no important information is missing.

Every contribution to this new tutorial tutorial book is very much appreciated and will make you earn 500 points in the levels system for each tutorial you write. You will also get 3 months of Pro membership for each tutorial. Please get in touch with one of the book editors (http://1x.com/members/crew) or ralf[at]1x.com, if you want to help out to write one or more tutorials to inspire a lot of people and to help them develop as photographers. If you are not familiar with English, write it in your own language and we will find a translator.

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