Winners weekly theme 'Kitchen'

It's time to wrap up the 'Kitchen' theme contest.  
We were spoiled with tastful and creative images about herbs, spices, dishes and interior photos of kitchens.

The five winners with the most votes were: 
Udo Dittman, Bjorn Emanuelson, Jose C. Lobato, Jean-Louis VIRETTI and Julien Oncete.  

Thanks to everybody who have submitted photos to the kitchen theme.
See you in the currently running themes!

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- 'Classic NYC': Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, yellow cabs... / ends 2017-11-30
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, you can do it here

1st Place, "fried king prawns" by Udo Dittman



2nd Place, "Black & Red" by Bjorn Emanuelson



3rd Place, "The kitchen of the grandmother" by Jose C. Lobato



4th Place, "Freedom" by Jean-Louis VIRETTI
5th Place, "The newspaper" by Julien Oncete
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