Winners of weekly themes Reflection and Birds

As always we are very proud to present the stunning winning images from the weekly theme contest, this time "Reflection" and "Birds". The winner of Reflection is also a bird shot and all the winning bird-photos are egrets and owls, seems they are very popular!

The theme for this week is Pattern, anything with a repeating pattern, lines, shapes or textures.

1st place Birds, "Battling Egrets" by Brian Overcast.

2nd place Birds, "Straight at You" by Greg Forcey.
3rd place Birds, "Snowy Owls" by Mircea Costina.

1st place Reflection, "Standing in a Mirror" by Greg Forcey.

2nd place Reflection, "Following You" by Naufal.

3rd place Reflection, "Tranquality" by Þorsteinn H. Ingibergsson.


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