Winners of Monthly theme Abstract

The results are just in! We are happy to present the winners of the first Monthly Theme contest. The top three winners have been selected by our guest judge Paolo Abrantes. The rest have been decided through public voting. The 1st prize is $250 in cash and the top three winners receive PhaseOne's new processing software Capture One Pro 8. I'm sure the winners will find this software very useful when creating new abstract wonders. Without further ado, here are the winners.

1st place 

"Lines" by Peter Pfeiffer.

Judge's comments
This is a completly abstract photo. I know that this is some kind of structure or object, but I just don't know any more than that. It´s just for the viewer to go further or not, in the mind projection game. The light is just beautiful, spreading all over the subject and in accordance with the source's location. The values of the the light spread are very similar to the value of the source. It´s beautiful and the image becomes almost instantly very pleasant and smooth for the eye.

It´s pure formal, amazingly well ballanced, the shapes really works very well together, the visual dynamics are pure visual poetry. The black and white extraction, with those precise chosen tones, is 100% according to the subject, matching perfectly, and one gets the feeling that there couldn't have been any better option than the black and white. In conclusion, It´s simply a beautiful abstract picture, very pleasant and it made me go there to watch it, again, and again, and again.

2nd place 

"3" by Abi Danial.
Judge's comments
A very strange and beautiful picture - 100% eery, mysterious, almost impenetrable and a picture that challanges the viewer with a real effort to get inside. It invites you, but you must "pay the visit". It doesn't make your life easy, because it gives you more questions than answers and unexpectedly your mind turns into a decoder.

The texture emphasizes those feelings and is not working against the subject, it doesn't steal any depth from the picture, The twisted figures are working together with the very subtle smooth light source in the middle of the frame, are also contributing to the experience.

Finally the 1:1 format is also perfect with this composition, because it doesn't allow us to have any distractions with hypothetical negative space (more than the exactly amount needed for that precise and tight composition). It also offers us just a little hint of claustrophobia, thanks to the scale used for the twisted figures. A great picture, reduced to the lowest common denominator, with the elements working really nice all together.

3rd place

"Light" by Fernand De Canne.

Judge's comments
A very compelling and mesmerizing picture that pulls you in. It's completly abstract and it's done using a common (processing or shooting) technique. What's not common at all is the final result achieved, with this very precise picture.
Many say that mood is an important part of photography, some may even say that photography is all about mood. In my opinion, this is an amazing, powerfull, strong moody picture.

What makes it special is just the play with the smooth blue tones (they all seem to be inside the "gamut"), merged with the light and the blur. All of these elements have been applied in very well balanced amounts. It also have the capacity to play with your brain and lock you in. The human figure is beautiful with a precise amount of blur. One can easily see a human figure there, without needing more than a first look.

The light doesn't hurt the viewer´s eye, it does the opposite: it invites the viewer to come inside by pulling in and not pushing out. It's a beautiful exemple on when the light is really working for the subject and at the same time becomes a major part of the picture´s subject. It´s a photo that have the power to easily connect with the viewer. Anyone can look at the photo and feel related or associated, some time in their life, with that precise moment shown in the frame - powerful and beautiful it is.



"Ebbed and flowed" by Dave Quince.

"Icelandic Aerial 19" by stavros charisopoulos.

"Lacma" by Christophe.

"Watercolours" by Susanne Behr.

"Autumn Swamp" by Steve Hallmark.


"S" by Zbyněk Cincibus.

"Abstraction" by Jan Bereza.

"Circles" by Aida Ianeva.

"Babel's dream" by Raffaele Corte.

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