Winners Contest 'Dandelions'

Many members submitted images to the 'DANDELIONS' contest.
Those common flowers which we can find all over the world are a magical topic for photographers.
Beautiful dandelion macro shots, some in combination with waterdrops, close-ups, set-up in still life, everything was present in the submissions. 

The winners with the most votes are: 
1st place: 
brigitte van krimpen
2nd place:  Heidi Westum
3rd place:  keren or


Thanks to everybody who participated to the contest 'Dandelions'.

We hope to see you in the currently running theme:
The method of surimposing 2 or more exposures in a single frame is trendy, popular and one of photography's greatest joys providing surreal effects. Share yours here and inspire us with your creativity.
This contest ends the 16nd of September.

If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, you can do it here.

1st place: brigitte van krimpen


2nd place: Heidi Westum


3rd place: keren or


Thierry Dufour


Franziskus Pfleghart


Xavier Garci


Udo Dittmann


Jose Maria Ramos


Lydia Jacobs


Hasan Baglar


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