Welcome to the next 1x meet-up in Bruges: 18th and 19th of May 2019

by Editor Yvette Depaepe


"Reflections of the past" by Yvette Depaepe

Being part of the 1x community, you might have known a lot of people for several time but never met them in real life.

A traditional 1x meet-up is a great experience and opportunity to meet everyone in person, sharing stories, get to know each other better during photo walks, dinner and just spending quality time together.

If this sounds to be something for you, join us in Bruges on the 18th and 19th of  May 2019.
Everybody is welcome. 

* On Saturday the 18th of May, we will gather between 10 and 11 am before we start our walk through the city of Bruges.  Early evening, will will have a fine dinner together on a wonderful location along one of the many canals.
* On Sunday the 19th of May, we will visit Ostend on the Belgian coast. 

For the “early birds” who want to arrive on Friday late afternoon, everything will be organised to have a first dinner together.

If you want to participate to this meet-up, your can “subscribe” and read all practical informations in the Forum topic created for this purpose. 

To stimulate your curiosity and enthusiasm, you can read all about the previous 1x meet-up that took place in Bruges at the end of March 2014 (including 3 videos), click here

In addition, enjoy this small gallery of images.


by Piet Flour


by Piet Flour


Bruges in winter dress by Yvette Depaepe


Bruges at night by Adrian Popan




“Promenade” by Bruno Flour


by Yvette Depaepe

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