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We are so happy to finally welcome you to 1x Learning! We have been working very hard over the last couple of years collecting tutorials. Now we give you tutorials for over 500 hand-picked extraodrinary 1x images to take your photography to the next level. All the tutorials have been proof read by 1x photographer and professional proof reader Mandy Schoch to ensure that they are accurate, easy to follow and a delight to read. New tutorials will be added daily, we have another 1000 tutorials waiting in the pipeline!

Learning has always been one of our most important values and was one of the main reasons we started the site. 1x Learning is using the same concept as in our book "Photo Inspiration" which has been the top selling photography book on Amazon. The only difference is that in 1x Learning you get 5 times the amount of tutorials, longer texts, more extra material, maps and new tutorials daily! Each tutorial contains the background story, technical info, post-processing and tips about how successful 1x photos are made. Follow behind the scenes, see how the magic is done and unveil all the secret recipies for getting published on 1x!

What you need to develop your photography is not more megapixels or another expensive prime lens. A great camera doesn't take great pictures, but a great photographer can take fantastic pictures with any equipment, even a pinhole camera. Joining 1x Leraning can be the best photography investment you have ever made. Many of the photography masters became famous by learning from other masters. Now you have the collective wisdom of hundreds of successful 1x photographers at your fingertips! We belive that you are not born an artist, but that anyone can become an artist with the right ideas, inspiration and instructions. No matter what kind of photography you are interested in there is something for you!

Check out 1x Learning here and read 10 tutorials for free. In order to read all the 500 tutorials you need Pro membership. Find out how it works in this short video clip:

Big big thanks to all excellent contributing photographers and the book editors who made this possible!

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