Welcome May

by Yvette Depaepe

One can hardly imagine the 1st of May without Lily of the Valley flowers.
But what is the meaning of this sweet tradition?

 by Monique Delaet

The lily of the valley is a tiny little flower that people really enjoy to get and to see. 
It's scent is considered like one of the most attractive of any wild flower.

The lily of the valley flower is not only absolutely beautiful but it also has a lot of great meanings that people  really appreciate.  It symbolizes sweetness, humility, purity and hope.
Some even believe that it brings a return of happiness.

The coolest meaning is that the lily of the valley actually  suggests to people that they are incomplete without the person that is being handed the flower. 

I wish you all Happy 1st of May and lots of lucky ones!

by Jacky Parker


by Monique Delaet


by Tatyana Skorokhod


by Many Disher


by Ulrike Eisenmann

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