Weekly themes Alternative and Happy Holidays

We'd like to congratulate the original winners of weekly theme Alternative and the happy winners of Happy Holidays! 

Big congrats to Romario Severino 1st place Alternative, Yvette Depaepe 2nd place and Juandevillalba 3rd place! Also big congrats to Walde Jansky 1st place Happy Holidays, Piet Flour 2nd place and Rui Caria who came in 3rd.

The theme for this week is Sky, so point your camera upwards and join the challenge! 

1st place Alternative, "Comfort, Excercise, What More" by Romario Severino.

2nd place Alternative, "Alternative for Stress" by Yvette Depaepe.

3rd place Alternative, "Alternative Flash" by Juandevillalba.

1st place "Happy Holidays", "Santa's Teambuilding" by Walde Jansky.

2nd place Happy Holidays, "Don't Panic, he'll Find You" by Piet Flour.
3rd place Happy Holidays, "Merry Christmas" by Rui Caria.


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