Weekly theme Urban winners and honorable mentions

Urban was a very popular theme with over 900 entries! After the dust had settled, the winners were Leif Løndal, Szilvia Szerémy and Adrian Donoghue, with their very different and really extraordinary entries! Also see the honorable mentions below!

1st place, "NYC" by Leif Løndal.

2nd place, "When the Clothes Fly to Napoli" by Szilvia Szerémy.


3rd place, "The Passenger" by Adrian Donogue.

Honorable mentions

By Robert Thomson.

By Luis Bonito.

By Jose C. Lobato.

By Yvette Depaepe.


By Miguel Silva.

By Gerard Jonkman.

By Rainer Müller.

By Paulo Presutti.

By Fred Chang.

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