Weekly theme Present winners

The theme "present" could be interpered in several ways and there were almost as many interpretations as entries. Some felt very obvious, while others required a litte more thought. Allow me to present the winners; Vito Guarino, Victoria Ivanova and Natalia Baras. Congratulations!

1st place, "A happy ending story" by Vito Guarino.

2nd place, "Don't you like our present?!" by Victoria Ivanova.

3rd place, "Present and future" by Natalia Baras.




By Piet Flour.

By Melitta Oltmanns.

By Juan Osorio.

By Simone Sander.

By Carlo Longarini.

By Udo Dittmann.

By Jacqueline Hammer.


By Pascal Desvignes.

By David A. Evans.

By Dan Mirica.

By Brigitte van Krimpen.

By Giorgio Toniolo.

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