Weekly theme Pink winners

The theme this week was Pink. One could think that a contest with a color theme would be mundane, but that couldn't be far more from the truth. The entries have been as varied as always and the contestants have found very interesting ways to incorporate the theme in their contributions. Congratulations Remus Tiplea, Piet Flour and Michael Knudsen!


1st place, "..............." by Rasmus Tiplea.



2nd place, "the girl's car" by Piet Flour.


3rd place, "Pink gallery" by Michael Knudsen.








By Shenshen Dou.
By Nieves. Bautista.
By Natalia Baras.
By Anne Worner.
By Julien Oncete.
By Monika Schwager.
By Annica Westerlund.
By Allan Wallberg.
By Thierry Dufour.
By E. de Juan.
By C.S. Tjandra.

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