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Big congrats to Jimmy Hoffman for snatching the grand prize in the tiny world of insects! Also big congratulations to Wil Meijer and Tom R. Grabuschnigg for coming in second and third!

1x Photo Awards 2014 will start in just one week! The grand prize is an incredible $10.000 and the judge is world-famous Steve McCurry. Everyone can enter and anyone can win! Prepare your best photos!

1st place, "Swallowtail" by Jimmy Hoffman.


2nd place, "Fenix" by Wil Meijer.


3rd place, "Insect Whisperer" by Tom R. Grabuschnigg.
Honotable mentions

By Heri Wijaya.

By Yvette Depaepe.

By Ellen van Deleen.

By Tomasz Skoczen.

By Rahul Tripathi.

By Nieves N. Bautista.

By Christopher Schlaf.

By Wilianto.

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