Weekly theme food winners

Feeling hungry? If it's true that you eat with your eyes, there is no better restaurant than 1x. Congratulations to everyone who submited photos and a huge round of applause for our top chefs this week: Wieteke de Kogel, Luis Bonito and Ellen van Deelen!


1st place, "Want you..." by Wieteke de Kogel.

2nd place, "Fast Food!" by Luis Bonito.

3rd place, "Snoozy (again)" by Ellen van Deelen.
By Fernando Alves.

By Francois Casanova.

By Theresia Müller.
By Shenshen Dou.
By Silvia Simonato.
By Tony Goran.
By C.S.Tjandra.
By Natalia Baras.
By Piet Flour.
By Irina Kuznetsova (Iridi).
By Leif Løndal.

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