Weekly theme Family winners

Families can come in many different forms and be constituted in many different ways. In this weekly theme, we saw both human families and families from the animal world. Some thought a step further and used various objects that, while different, together formed a family. It's wonderful to see how 1x photographers can come up with so many creative ways to interpret a given theme. The three contestants, who together form a winning familiy, are Natalia Baras, John Wilhelm and Fernando Alves. Congratulations!

1st place, "Family flamingos" by Natalia Baras.

2nd place, "Photoholiday" by John Wilhelm.

3rd place, "Family" by Fernando Alves.




By Jane Lyons.

By Jose C. Lobato.

By Agatko.

By Anders Samuelsson.

By Gianfranco Barbieri.

By Frank Zhang.

By Nikolaitsch.

By Antje Wenner.

By Dan Mirica.

By Ravad Rooein.

By Şalaru Ecaterina.

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