Weekly theme Evolution winners

Evolution was a theme that allowed many exciting interpritations. Many chose to focus on the evolution of mandkind, while others found inspiration in technichal advancements or scientific progress. The three photographers who where ahead in evolution were Victoria Ivanova, Piet Flour and Thierry Dufour. Congratulations!


1st place, "The evolution" by Victoria Ivanova.



2nd place, "Grandmother" by Piet Flour.

3rd place, "The evolution of man" by Thierry Dufour.


By Lgs.

By Waldemar Wienchol.

By Denisa Justusová Šumcová.

By ThierryBoitelle.

By Marie-Anne Stas.

By Breo Alamancos.

By Mariana.


By Elena Arjona.

By Udo Dittman.

By Paco.

By Franco Farinati.

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