Weekly theme Electronics winner

Electronic equipment take up a large part of our modern lives and photography is no exception. Among the submissions, there were a large share of circuit boards. Others chose to base their photos around how electronics interact with humans. The three winners were the electric talents Kikroune, DDiArte and Wilianto. Congratulations!

1st place, "Apple core" by Kikroune.

2nd place "Electronic Clown" by DDiArte.

3rd place, "Repairing electronic by robot" by Wilianto.


By Gloria Salgado Gispert.

By lophoto-europa.


By Karl-Axel Lindbergh.

By Fred Zhang.

By Jacques Rathwell.

By BrigBarkow.

By Duba.

By Antonyus Bunjamin.

By Damiano Serra.

By Nicolas Descoteaux.

By Emilian Avramescu.

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