Weekly theme Doll winners

Too old to play with dolls? Not necesserly, the 1x photographers show that dolls come in all different forms and shapes. Some of them quite spooky. Hand puppets, action figures and mannequins helped to bring a high level of diveristy to the theme. The three dolled up winners are Jose C. Lobato, Piet Flour and Elvira Cabas! Congratulations!


1st place, "The forgotten doll" by Jose C. Lobato.


2nd place, "Le silence des adieux" by Piet Flour.

3rd place, "Box DOLLS" by Elvira Cabas.


By Ellen Van Deelen.

By Mario Grobenski.

By Florence Menu.

By DDiArte.

By Jolanta Macionczyk.

By Marcel Rebro.

By Mustafa Tiryakioglu.

By Ashraful Arefin.

By Pauline Pentony BA Hons ARPS.

By Jacqueline Hammer.

By Neat.

By oğuz ipçi.

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