Weekly theme Composition winners

Composition is an integral part of all photography. Sometimes the composition of a photo is simply the subtle framework on which the other components are put. In this weekly theme, the challange was to make compositions that really stand out on their own. The entries came in all kind of genres and were generally of very high quality. It's always exciting how different a photo can turn out as a result of innovative composing. The three winners, who composed themselves on the top, are Ray Huntley, Howard Ashton-Jones and Jacqueline Hammer. Congratulations!

1st place, by Ray Huntley.

2nd place, "Zig the Zag" by Howard Ashton-Jones.

3rd place, "Circular Arrangement" by Jacqueline Hammer.


By Sol Marrades.

By Mustafa AbdulHadi.

By Henk van Maastricht.

By Didier Guibert.

By Jaap Koer.

By Massimo Della Latta.

By Anna Niemiec.

By Nadav Jonas.

By Martin Fleckenstein.

By Jacqueline van Bijnen.

By Christine Frick.

By Riccardo Lucidi.

By Debarshi Mukherjee.

By karthikeyan.S.

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